How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

So many questions one needs to ask before taking the plunge and using a new entertainment service provider like Netflix:how much does netflix cost

How much does Netflix cost?

Do they take it from my bank account, credit card, Paypal?

Will they continue taking my money if I cancel, like many of the other notorious service providers I’ve dealt with?

Cost is always a concern. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional cable and television services in your area, you’ll be excited to learn that Netflix’s online streaming service won’t break your bank, and it isn’t likely to test your patience very much either.

So, How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix will set you back a “whopping” $7.99 a month, with no hidden charges to worry about whatsoever.

You can pay via AMEX, Mastercard, or Visa – and yes, you can use Paypal to pay if that’s your preference (Note: With Paypal you have to agree to a monthly subscription, allowing Netflix to debit the $7.99 every month from your account).

You may also cancel at anytime. Completely free with no cost if it’s your first month. Netflix allows you to cancel anytime thereafter; the only thing they don’t offer is prorated refunds for unused days in the month. Meaning that you shouldn’t cancel til the month’s almost up.

Yeah right, you may be thinking. Surely they have “premium movies” that they dupe you into watching, only to send you an extra bill at the end of the month – hijacking your account privileges until you pay up what’s owed.

Nope, sorry. There are no conspiracies at work. You simply pay your $7.99 a month charge and watch whatever you like at your leisure.

There is one extra charge that some of you may incur however: Bandwidth.

Depending on how much bandwidth your Internet service allots you (based on your current plan), you could end up with a higher Internet bill. This is especially true for people who have basic Internet access; which usually only allows for basic browsing here and there, and downloading some cool tunes for your iPod each month. If this sounds a bit like you, then you might want to beef up your Internet-access to the next sized plan that your provider offers.

Advantages of using Netflix and upgrading your Internet:

• You can tell your current TV service provider to “kiss it”, which puts all that money back into your bank account.

• Out of the money you save from not paying exorbitant fees to your cable or satellite provider, you can take $10 or even $20 of that to upgrade your Internet – the remainder of your savings can be used as “found money” or put into the rainy day fund.

• Internet upgrades don’t cost a lot; however additional bandwidth charges for going over your plan can cost as much as $1 or $2 per gigabit over the alloted amount.

Netflix has something for everyone

They still offer their DVD lending service, which costs $7.99 a month too, and it won’t cost you any bandwidth. This is a separate service from the streaming package, so you can have one-or-the-other for $7.99, or combine them both for 16 bucks a month.

Since your first month of Netflix streaming is free-of-charge, you don’t need to jump to any rash decisions right away anyhow. Try it out for a month to get a feel for the selection they offer, the impact the service will have on your current Internet plan, and any other concerns you might have.

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